Testimony of Freedom

A Witness for Freedom

I see freedom everywhere I go, in the faces of men, women and children who are choosing purchases in markets, playing games and engaging in conversations.

I watch expressions of freedom in the movements of persons who are walking on streets, finding their ways in train stations and driving on freeways.

Athletic, musical and public-speaking performances are thrilling to me for the feats of freedom that are achieved by the performers.

I observe freedom in my own work and in daily tasks of planning and following a schedule, cleaning my house and cooking a meal.

It appears certain to me that massive, collective acts of freedom determine elections and success in popular culture.

Freedom, I conclude, is behind attempts at sales and persuasion, education programs, and images and messages on the Internet. In my view, artistic creations, businesses, engineering projects, the practices of professionals and written presentations of ideas are all products of freedom.

I advance my understanding of freedom through examination of principles shared by three institutional disciplines that people have used to develop civilization:
  1. physical sciences that give us light and warmth, motor vehicles, metal alloys and electronic communications systems;

  2. civil law applied in courtrooms, where juries and judges decide lawsuits; and

  3. the Christian religion, the chief source of culture in Europe and the Americas for hundreds of years.
I declare that, as a matter of fact, freedom is at the center of all of the foregoing activities and disciplines.

During each occurrence of freedom, two or more possible courses of action turn into a single actual course of action.

There are facts of freedom for which, in my Testimony of Freedom, I provide a description and an account. I hope to persuade you that the description is a true description and that the account is a true account.

Contents of the Testimony.

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